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We’re a defense technology company led by veterans, technologists, and world-class engineers.


  • Photo of Dino Mavrookas
    Dino Mavrookas
    Co-Founder and CEO

    Dino Mavrookas is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Saronic Technologies, where he spearheads the company's strategic vision, product roadmap, and overall performance.

    With eleven years of experience as a Navy SEAL, including eight combat tours, Dino possesses a firsthand understanding of the critical role advanced military technology plays in protecting and empowering U.S. and allied forces.

    Prior to co-founding Saronic Technologies, Dino honed his expertise in private equity at Vista Equity Partners, leading technology investments across various sectors, including government, cybersecurity, finance, energy, and media.

    Beyond his business endeavors, Dino's commitment extends to The Navy SEAL Foundation, where he actively contributes as a board director, providing unwavering support to SEALs and their families.

  • Photo of Rob Lehman
    Rob Lehman
    Co-Founder and CCO

    Rob is Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Saronic Technologies, where he leads all marketing, sales, and customer support activities for the company.

    Rob brings 21 years of combined active duty and reserve experience as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps, forging an essential connection to those who rely on the solutions developed by Saronic Technologies.

    After leaving active duty in 2006, Rob supported multiple Navy and Marine Corps programs at both Northrop Grumman and ManTech International. As CEO of TTI, a leading maritime technology supplier, he led the design and delivery of technologies that are afloat on multiple surface combatants today. Most recently, Rob brought his expertise to 9 Line Solutions, a government relations and consulting firm he co-founded to help technology companies navigate the DoD acquisition process.

    Rob holds a BA in International Politics from Penn State University.

  • Photo of Vibhav Altekar
    Vibhav Altekar
    Co-Founder and VP of Software

    Vibhav Altekar is Co-Founder and VP of Software of Saronic Technologies. Vib is a highly accomplished perception engineer, with expertise in the field of autonomous systems and maritime technology. Vib has spent a large part of his career in industry driving advancements in DoD technology, as one of the earliest engineers at Anduril, where he led engineering efforts across a variety of hardware platforms primarily focused on perception, machine learning, and autonomy. His other career highlights include software engineering at Twitter, Juicero, and 8VC.

    In addition to software, Vib provides meaningful thought leadership at Saronic, and invaluable strategic vision for its technological advancements. Outside of Saronic, he seeks opportunities to give back to the entrepreneur community, often through angel investing, advisorship, or teaching classes.

    Vib studied Electrical Engineering at the University of California, Davis. In his free time, Vib likes to play poker, basketball, and cricket.

  • Photo of Justin Davis
    Justin Davis
    Head of Strategy

    Justin Davis is Head of Strategy of Saronic Technologies, where he leads the integration of product development and business operations into opportunities for future military capabilities and concepts.

    Serving as a Navy SEAL officer for over twenty years, Justin saw firsthand the challenges of technology adoption in the military. His insights gleaned from 13 combat and contingency deployments, as well as staff tours in research and development, inspired a passion for solving complex problems with cutting-edge technologies.

    After his tenure in the Navy, Justin assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer at the U.S. Gold Bureau, leading business operations and strategic engagement to redefine the means by which individuals protect themselves from risks in uncertain times. Subsequently, driven by his extensive naval background, Justin made the decision to join Saronic Technologies, aiming to revolutionize the tools and methods available for enhancing security at sea.

    Justin holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a BS in Systems Engineering from the US Naval Academy.

  • Photo of Natalie Wiegand
    Natalie Wiegand
    Chief of Staff

    Natalie Wiegand is Chief of Staff at Saronic, where she supports Operations, HR, and Recruiting.

    Natalie is a seasoned people leader with over 10 years of experience in business operations, recruiting, and human resources. Natalie’s career has strong entrepreneurship roots, beginning with her being one of the first entrepreneurs to attend Draper University - an entrepreneurship bootcamp run by VC Tim Draper. She then joined Tesla as one of the first members of the Executive Search team, where she contributed to building the early leadership team that played a key role in the company's success story, including scaling the production of the Model S, and launching the Model X and the first Gigafactory in Sparks, NV.

    Following Tesla, Natalie transitioned to venture capital and was Chief of Staff of Capital Factory, where she streamlined operations, was a trusted advisor to the executive leadership team, and facilitated the firm's growth in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Natalie then served as Capital Factory's Vice President of People, where she led the HR department that scaled the company through significant growth, while prioritizing employee development, well-being, and diversity and inclusion.

    Natalie has a degree in Economics from University of California, Santa Cruz.

  • Photo of Doug Lambert
    Doug Lambert
    Co-Founder and Head of Engineering

    Doug Lambert is Co Founder and Head of Engineering at Saronic Technologies, where he leads R&D, hardware engineering, and production.

    Doug has been at the forefront of maritime engineering since 2012, and is a dynamic and innovative engineering leader with a proven track record of turning concepts into reality. As Head of Engineering at Liquid Robotics, Doug was instrumental in the development of nautical robotics, including the Wave Glider and deep sea buoyancy engines. Subsequently as VP Engineering at Terradepth, Doug successfully architected, prototyped and demonstrated a novel diesel electric autonomous underwater vehicle.

    Doug holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University and a Masters of Engineering Management from Dartmouth.

Our Values

We know what’s at stake when it comes to defense because we’ve seen it first hand. Our mission is to leverage our combined experiences to develop advanced technology that will revolutionize what’s possible in naval warfare.

One Mission

We are a united team that puts the security and defense of our country and its allies first. We persist with grit and resilience to ensure a future that is safe, prosperous, and free.

Solutions Driven

We expertly engineer effective and reliable products to meet each partner’s specific mission. Our approach is to prioritize requirements and emphasize simple, intuitive usability. To us, excellence is finding creative solutions to complicated problems.

Trust Fuels Triumph

We lead with transparency, and address challenges directly and honestly. Our commitment to integrity extends to everyone we engage with, from teammates to partners. We take pride in embracing their goals as our own.

United We Win

We treat our teammates with kindness and respect, and we cultivate individual growth and accomplishment by prioritizing the success of our team. We celebrate each other and the opportunity to support our service members.

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